Welcome to the Process Diary. My name is Paul Caggegi. I am a freelance motion graphics designer and illustrator working in Sydney, Australia.

20th Mar 2014
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Process to Go – P05E14 – Final

Looks like we made it… and then some! What a ride. It’s been a solid month of Pandeia-related work. Marketing the book, finishing revised art, creating exclusive content, and getting...

26th Feb 2014
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Process to Go – P05E13

7 days to go to reach $4000AUD and fund my first print run for Pandeia: Book I So if you’ve not shared this, please do so! I’m still short about...

17th Feb 2014

Process to Go – P05E12

The Kickstarter Campaign is almost half over! Apologies for not getting an episode out sooner, but I have heaps more to talk about now. Many decisions have been made, and...

25th Jan 2014
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Process to Go – P05E11

The kickstarter campaign start date is set: February 5th 2014 I’m racing to complete a cover, and am asking advice for the best compositions. Following various reactions on this version:...