Welcome to the Process Diary. My name is Paul Caggegi. I am a freelance motion graphics designer and illustrator working in Sydney, Australia.

23rd Sep 2014

Process to Go – PO6E08

Episode 8 and lots to talk about! So I have to begin with some musings on Oz Comic-Con: the good, the bad, and… the ok. My only commission I got...

08th Sep 2014

Process to Go – P06e07

Back on the podcast! Apologies for being away for a couple of weeks. Had a lot of stuff get in the way of my usual activities, but I’m back with...

03rd Aug 2014

Process To Go – P06E06

Much to cover this week… and apologies for the audio. I couldn’t find my phone holder so the phone was rattling in the cup holder a little. Not too bad,...

25th Jul 2014

Process To Go – P06E05

Soldiering on! Plot holes – and how filling them are providing me with a neat solution to propel the plot of Book II! Writing is going slower than I’d hoped,...