Process to Go – Episode 16

Final episode… for 2011! Not much in the way of sketches, I’m afraid. As it aproaches Christmas, it’s increasingly difficult to get a minute or two to focus on the task at hand. However I have a couple of pictures to share – they represent the initial phases of the color concepting and the cover design.

Here are a couple of color concepts I did in SBP:

I’m still trying to figure out what I need to do in terms of a cover. I would be happy to take suggestions from you guys – you’re certainly able to give them! To start you off, here is a sketch done by Captain Dutz (who is working on his own story for the “In Spaaaace!” Anthology:

I like where this is headed. I am open to any other suggestions, of course!

Until next year, have a very Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, Happy Hannukah, Festivus, Saturnalia, Newtonmas… And I can’t wait to be back in very early 2012!

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One Response to “Process to Go – Episode 16

  • I think I like the idea of a cover that adds to the story in some fashion and isn’t just a conglomeration of stuff that the reader is already going to see inside, especially in this case since there’s only 8 pages, any opportunity to add a new visual I think should not be overlooked. Maybe you could use it in a way to set up the story.
    I definitely don’t like the Fun with Dick and Jane idea lol
    Driftwood sounds like a terrible title. I think Humm is fine. I think it’s okay to think about title and cover but I’ve spent a lot of time thinking about titles and it’s just something that is not really that important. You may need to step back and get some perspective on the story to really make a judgement call on this. Maybe a week or so off would clear your head? You’ve been at it pretty much non-stop.

    You should definitely make yourself aware of the Import Image to Plane addon in Blender. Andrew Price has a nice quick tip on it:

    Can’t wait for more Pandeia. I would love to hear more about the story process for that like you’ve been doing for this.

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